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St. Bartholomew

The hamlet of Corton is awkward to find at the bottom of a very steep concrete road.  The name comes from the Old English 'corf' and 'tun' meaning a farm by a cutting or gap, which is a most appropriate description.  This is an ancient place mentioned in the Domesday Book and well worth the effort because not only are there some lovely views, but the little chapel of St. Bartholomew is quite enchanting.  The chancel is 13c with an impressive original stone altar and piscina.  The building suffered considerable neglect and, at one time, was used to house cattle.  In 1897 the west end and the roof were rebuilt.  The inside is very simple with cheerful green timbers in the roof.  The font is an attractive stone bowl on a wooden pedestal.

In the excellent 'Dorset -  The Complete Guide', Jo Draper tells us that originally it was a free chapel, which was not subject to the bishop's jurisdiction.





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