Over Compton

Postcode for SatNavDT9 4QU
O.S. Landranger Map reference183-595168

Church imageOver Compton

St. Michael

You approach the church via a long drive from the main road which it shares with Compton House and Worldwide Butterflies and the Lullingstone Silk Farm.  The church forms part of a suite of buildings in a most attractive setting.

The entrance is up some steps into the 15c tower.  Inside the arrangement is unusual.  The beautiful three-decker Jacobean pulpit is sited half-way down the nave, presumably so that the preacher could speak directly to members of the Goodden family, who owned the estate and would have sat in the north chapel (1776).  The chancel is a Victorian addition of 1877.  There is a really charming baptistry on the south side and a lovely memorial erected by the family to the memory of a faithful servant.  However, the most impressive item is the life-size statue of Robert Goodden, erected in 1825.




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