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Church imagePulham

St Thomas Becket

This attractive church, with its associated 18c rectory nearby, sits a little apart from the village it serves.  It is essentially a Tudor building, but the north aisle and parts of the south were re-built by the Victorians.  The south windows were designed by Rev F C Hingeston-Randolph of Ringmer in Devon.  There is a very splendid and elaborate niche in the chancel, though probably not in its original position.

Perhaps the most interesting item is the porch with a steep staircase from the church into the parvis chamber above.  Parvis chambers had a number of uses, but, most commonly, to accommodate visiting priests, either on a temporary basis or semi-permanently if they were needed for duty in chantry chapels.  Some chambers had a fire-place for warmth in winter (see Bridport St Mary).  There is a good Norman tub font.




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