West Lulworth

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O.S. Landranger Map reference194-823807

Holy Trinity

There was once a Norman church in this most attractive village, but after it had been extended in the early C19 it looked lop-sided. By 1869, the building was dilapidated and inadequate for the congregation so the decision was made to build a new church on an entirely new site.

The present church was designed by John Hicks of Dorchester (who had the author Thomas Hardy as a pupil), but not finished by him owing to his death. R.G.Crickmay of Weymouth completed the work; the pulpit, font and prayer desk are his designs. Interestingly, the foundation stone was laid by Lady Selina Bond (5th daughter of Lord Eldon of Encombe) who, with her husband Nathaniel lived at Holme Priory and were themselves responsible for the building and decoration of East Holme church. The carving on the stone capitals and the carved wooden text over the arch are by Benjamin Grassby of Powerstock, and the reredos frame, altar and lectern pedestal are by Rev W Gildea, the vicar at the time. The building was consecrated by the Bishop of Salisbury on 11th May 1870.

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