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Church imageMorden

St Mary 

The church stands very upright at the top of rising ground, which invests it with a slightly surreal feeling as you approach up the path from the road.  The tower is tall and so is the nave, tending to accentuate the air of loftiness.

It was rebuilt in 1873 by Joseph Seller, who was then eighty years old.  With its height and clerestory, the building is well lit and gives the impression of spaciousness.  Interestingly, there is a curtain that can be used to screen off the chancel; no doubt to conserve heat for evensong in the winter.  Of great interest is the figure of a knight, kneeling on one knee, attached to the north wall of the tower arch.  This is Thomas Earle (1597), who once owned Charborough Park, according to Nikolaus Pevsner, in the act, not of prayer, but in homage.  

There is an ancient font and outside in place of regular gargoyles, there are some rather nice bear-like creatures.




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