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St. Eustace

This is a church that cannot be approached by car because it nestles on the side of a hill surrounded by beautiful trees and the only access is by a steep path.  One has a slight feeling of pilgrimage on the walk up from the village, with tantalising glimpses of the building on the way up.  Once there, the effort is well rewarded by this lovely little building that harmonizes so well with its surroundings.  Indeed, it is hard to imagine that by the end of the C19 it had been allowed to fall into such a ruinous state that it was nearly pulled down.  Fortunately, by then the wilder excesses of Victorian vandalism of ancient buildings were being frowned upon and this church was sensitively restored by Ponting 1902-9.  It is mainly C15 with a C17 porch covered by some very ancient tiles; one is part of a set of 4 which carried the following inscription in Latin: 

The time is short,
Death is swift,
Guard against sin,
Then thou doest well.

There are fragments of Tudor glass in the windows of the north aisle.  Some good monuments and an interesting stone lectern and C15 font.  Wonderful views.

The Trust gratefully acknowledges text by Robin Adeney and Drone Photography by Richard Noble DHCT © 2018