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St. Andrew

The village of Todber is made up largely of modern houses and the little church seems almost lonely.

Although the south tower has some medieval masonry and a saddleback roof, the church is actually a complete Victorian re-build of 1879.  According to Pevsner, Elizabeth, Marchioness of Westminster, paid for it.

Todber featured during the Cromwell administration as there is a record in the Dorchester Museum Library which refers to court proceedings on 27th November 1646:

"Ordered that Mr. Clarke who hath been in arms against the State and not submitted himself shall forbeare to officiate in Stower Provost where he hath lately intruded, and is therefore required to appeare before us at Blandford on Tuesday next. Upon the peticion (sic) of the inhabytants of Stower Provost in this Countie it is ordered that Mr. Matthew Toogood, clerke, an orthodox divine, shall officiate the Cure of the parish church of Stower Provost aforesayd, and for his labour and paynes to be taken therein shall have and receive the sume of twentie shillings a weeke."

In fact, Mr Clarke  was rector of Todber and was tortured by the Roundheads. (Extract from the excellent Stour Provost church guide.)

The Church is locked.
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