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Church imageMapperton

All Saints

Although the approach along a drive, bounded by beautifully manicured lawns and an avenue of trees, creates both anticipation and excitement, nothing could prepare one for the sheer pleasure of seeing this delightful suite of manorial buildings. 

The stone house, in the form of an 'L', is from mid C16 and is surely one of the most beautiful in Dorset. The little church creates the final element of a 'U' shape with it, thus creating a courtyard. 

The origins of the church are medieval, and thought to have been started by Robert Morgan, who was one of the few men allowed to wear a hat in the presence of King Henry VIII ' consideration of diverse infirmities which he hath in his hedde.' The present building is mostly as commissioned by Squire Brodrepp in 1704. The round headed windows may have been designed to harmonize with the house. However, each of these memorable windows has an heraldic or pictorial medallion of stained glass, dating from 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Brodrepp is reputed to have paid the sum of £10 for them.

The font is Norman.


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